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The most high class chain around has got to be the Cuban link chain.  No other chain is as hot as the Cuban link right now, and no other chain can make a statement the way these chains do.

These chains have distinct, thick links that are twisted together in a way that almost looks like rope, and definitely looks good.  That is why everybody wants to have one.

Where it’s from?

Cuban Link Chains have been on the scene for several years now, and have been gaining in popularity since some of hip hop’s biggest names have started sporting them.  Rappers like young Jeezy and Nipsey Hussle have rocking these gold chains at parties and in the club recently.  Jay-z recently wore an 11lb gold Cuban link chain to the So So Def 20th Anniversary Party in Atlanta.

There is no chain out there that demands more respect than the Cuban link, and these pieces are getting more and more popular.  These are some of the hottest items in most shops in Manhattan, and have been the most popular chain in Miami among the hip hop community for years.

What Kind of Chain You Want?

The Cuban link chain comes in all types.  The real question is, “what do you want people to notice?”  Take a look at the kinds of chains that are available.

Types of Chains

There are lots of different types of chains out there, so let’s start with the best first and cover them all.

Gold and Platinum

Gold and Platinum chains are by far the best chains on the planet.  They look good with everything (or nothing else) and never wear out.  Everybody has an instinct to be drawn to these precious metals, and there is something about gold and platinum that makes them irresistible.

Gold will never go out of style, and still hasn’t after almost 10,000 years.  It requires very little care, and always looks good.

You can get gold chains in 12, 14, and 24 Karat Gold, which are different mixes of how much actual gold in the chain.  The higher the Karats, the higher the gold content will be.


Silver is the second most popular type of chain, and shares a lot of the same benefits as Gold and Platinum chains.  These chains don’t rust, wear out, or lose their finish either, and also look dope with just about anything you want to put with it.  Silver is less expensive than Gold and Platinum, so you can save some serious cash and get more chain for your money with silver.

Other Metals

After Platinum, Gold, and Silver, you will find a huge variety of different types of chains made out of other types of metal; everything from Rhodium, a black metal, to stainless steel.  You will have to check out each metal to see what the differences are.

Make sure that you pay attention to plated chains.  There are a ton of chains out there that are not pure metal, but are one type of metal plated on top of another.  This is usually to save money, but you end up looking like a buster when the plating starts wearing off and the base metal starts showing.  That’s when you give your old chain to your little cousin and go buy a fresh one.

Chain Length

How long is your chain?  As long as it can be!  Chains come in a bunch of different lengths; everything from 11 inches all the way up to 28 inches and longer.  One thing to consider is your build- If you are a lean, a 28 inch chain might make you look like a kid wearing his dad’s chain.  Likewise, if you are built like an Escalade, don’t wear a tiny chain- you will look like a bull dog with a choker.

Look for a chain that hangs about down to about the middle of your chest or lower.  Thicker chains look good a little longer, so keep that in mind if you get a thicker type of chain.

big cuban link chain

Chain Thickness

Thicker chains look better, class dismissed.

I’m just clownin, but it is true.  If you want to make a statement and want your chain to get noticed, get a thicker chain, plain and simple.

So what you gonna get?

Now you know what to consider when you want to buy a Cuban link chain.  Take a look at some of the other articles on this site to learn more, and check out my shop to find your chain.