Whats up my people?  I get a lot of emails asking “what am I supposed to wear with my Cuban link chain so that I don’t look like a dumb mother [deleted for the little homies]?”

You want somebody to dress your ass, go talk to your mama.

But for the sake of not embarrassing the cuban link chain around your neck, I want to take a few and look at what goes into putting together a hip hop outfit that leaves you looking like Rick Ross instead of Rick James.cuban link chain rick james

We can start at the top and work down to the street. I won’t get too much into style here- if you need help there then go get a girl.

Yo Dome

While the hat aint required, lots of guys like wearing a hat, and it is a great way to top off a good look.  Look for a flat brim hat with dope embroidery– and you want it stacked pretty thick to give it a good texture.  Local teams are usually a good choice, but don’t wear shit you don’t know about.  It don’t look good when somebody asks you about your hat and you don’t even know what city they from- no matter how good it looks on you.

Also man, get a haircut.  The better you get, the more it pays off.  Don’t go to cost cutters and expect to be hearing from the ladies when your head looks like what my cat Biggy coughed up.

Yo Ice

This is obviously my favorite area, and also the place where it’s hard to really go wrong.

Chains, grills, bracelets, watches- all good ways to floss and get some attention.  The only advice I have (besides get a Cuban link chain) is don’t spend everything you got here and then buy a bunch of beat ass clothes because you are broke.

Balance man, balance.

Yo clothes

This is pretty easy.  Buy some nice clothes.  Go to the mall.

I know it sounds like a joke, but just go to the store.  Talk to somebody and get them talking about what is hot right now.  If they keep steering you to the same expensive items, they are just selling.  If you can go through different parts of the store and they can tell you about each department, keep them talking.  Find a shop you like and keep coming back- people will notice and start letting you know when they get something hot and they think you might like it.

And get the right size man- you wanna look like Lil Wayne, not Lil Bowow.

Yo Kicks

Think of kicks like a car- you look like a fool driving a Ferrari in your pajamas, so don’t buy some bright ass green shoes and think they look good with everything.

Keep it neutral; you don’t need to look like you are desperate for attention, but you don’t wanna look like your shoes fell off of a power line either.

cuban link chain hip hop styleThat’s it man, that’s how you look the part when you wanna look good in your Cuban link chain.

All the stuff here is important, but the real key is how you act.  Be confident, friendly, and chill and you will always come across well in any situation.