In the land of Cuban link chains, the Cuban link gold chain is king.

As I have said in several of my previous post, gold chains are the bomb.  Gold chains sit at the pinnacle of what chains can be, and a gold chain is basically the chain perfected.

But, what makes the Cuban link gold chain so great?  You deserve to know!  Follow along as we explore just why these veritable pieces of wearable art are so incredibly cool.

They don’t wear out

When you put your money into anything, you expect it to last.  Gold lasts.

You could be giving your Cuban link gold chain to your grandkids if you take care of it.  And taking care of it consists of some very minor cleaning.

When you think about the cost of a nice gold chain, and then consider the life of it, it is not hard to see the value in a better chain.  A couple thousand dollars over 100 years is better than a couple hundred dollars for a few months.

fat cuban link gold chainThey look good with everything

Times change, styles change- but your Cuban link gold chain does not change.  These chains have looked good for a long time, and they will still look good a long time from now.

Gold has always appealed to people, and thanks to its luster and classy vibe it looks great worn with anything from a t shirt to a tux.

Gold has a look all its own, and that look compliments just about any other look you can think of.  It just looks great on people.

pile of cuban link gold chainsThey are a symbol of success and wealth

The ultimate quality of gold is that it is a symbol of success and wealth.  Gold isn’t lying around everywhere.  People have to work pretty hard to find it and get it into the hands of someone that knows how to do anything with it.  Its heavy too- shipping gold is expensive as well.

This all means one thing: gold is rare, rare is expensive, and expensive is classy.

People have been using gold in one form or another to demonstrate their wealth for thousands of years.  Gold is inflation proof and will not lose value over the long term.  Gold is an asset, not just an accessory.

As you can see, there is hardly a reason not to buy that chain you have been looking at for the last couple months.  What else could you buy yourself that will never wear out, looks great with everything you have, and shows the world how successful you are?

And to top that all off, what type of gold chain would look better on you than a Cuban link gold chain?  You deserve the best, so why not have it?

I hope this post has given you a quick look at some great reasons to get yourself or someone you care about the chain that they have always wanted.  Thanks for reading.