Cuban Link Gold chains for women are one of the hottest ways to take your style to another level.  While women’s chains are definitely a little less flashy than mens gold chains, that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as classy.

Women have been sporting gold chains of their own for just as long (maybe longer) than men have.  While all necklaces and chains came from ancient origins and were about the same, there are now some differences between chains for men and gold chains for women.

womens gold chainChoosing gold chains for women that work

There are not really any differences in the way that men and women choose a chain.  All of the same styles are available for both sexes, from rope chains to the Cuban link chain. The main difference is that women have more ways to wear different chains, and are more likely to have several.

Women are all about the accessories, and gold chains for women are the perfect way for them to build a great group of accessories that go well in a range of settings.  Take a look at a few popular styles of gold chains:


These durable chains are an excellent choice for a light, elegant chain.  These are great for casual wear, look good, and don’t kink easily.


Box chains are a little less durable, but are a good looking lightweight chain.  These chains go particularly well with a pendant.


Rope chains for women are a strong, classic chain that looks good both alone and with a pendant.  These chains have an elegant look, but can get a little distracting if too thick.


The curb chain has a lower profile, and goes very nice in more formal settings.  These are great with or without a pendant.

Cuban Link Chain

My personal favorite, the Cuban link chain looks great on men and even better on a woman.  This type of chain is both flexible and strong, and looks excellent on its own or with a pendant.

Any of these choices is a good choice when shopping for gold chains for women.

 Types of gold chains for a woman

When you think about the types of gold chains available, the first thing that comes to mind is probably, “gold” and then….”gold”.

But there are actually several different types of gold to choose from, each with different hues and tones.  Some of these variations of gold include:

  • gold chain for womenRose gold
  • Green gold
  • Black gold
  • Green gold
  • White gold

All of these are different gold alloys, meaning that they are gold mixed with other metals to change the look of the metal.  For example, green gold is about 25% silver and 75% gold- and has a green tint because of the mixture.

Whatever type of chain you end up choosing, remember one thing:

Girl, you gonna look good.

The chain doesn’t make the woman, the woman makes the chain.  So be confident, feel good about yourself, and rock that Cuban link chain like you are the only woman on earth.