Mens chains actually date back thousands of years and have a very interesting evolution.  The story begins thousands of years ago, way before the Cuban link chain, back when we were still living in hunter gatherer tribes.  During this time, men (and women) began stringing various objects together and wearing them around the neck.  These objects included things like:

  • original mens chainShells
  • Rocks
  • Teeth
  • Bones
  • Feathers
  • Seashells
  • And more…

As time went on, this cultural phenomenon continued to develop.  As our skills and abilities as humans continued to expand, we continued to add more and more interesting and eye-catching features to our necklaces.

With the development of primitive metal working, the chain was born.  Men have been wearing mens chains as a sign of wealth and eminence ever since.

So, what chain should you wear?

As a man, you want to wear a great chain, and you should.  Your chain should be a symbol of your success, a sign of your wealth, and should look good as well.

Finding the right mens chain is a matter of matching the right length, thickness, material, and style to who you are.  Let’s take a look at these four things.

mens chain size chartChain length

A lot of what goes into choosing the right chain length is personal preference, but there are some things that apply to any chain.

You should aim for somewhere between the center of your chest and the top of your solar plexus.  Some guys like their mens chain to hang about half way down the torso, but you have to do it right; this can end up makin you look like a little kid.

You will just have to measure to get this one right; everybody is different.  The important thing is to just avoid pushing the limits of both too short and too long.  Both of these can end up making you look pretty foolish.

Chain thickness

This one is all preference.  I’ve said it before; the thicker the chain the better.  Thick chains just look better, and this is especially true with a Cuban link chain.  Some chains are woven to contour to your body, so even really thick chains can have a lower profile and still look great.

Chain Material

Platinum, gold and silver are the best chains you can get.  This is so true that I don’t recommend any other type.  There are some good looking chains made from different color metals, but these tarnish and rub off on your shit.  You don’t want that- it just don’t look good on anybody.

Chain Styles

There are a ton of different styles of chains to choose from.  Obviously, I am more partial to the Cuban link chain than any other mens chain.  I don’t want to start discussing all the different varieties, cause there are too many and I have better things to do, but here is the main differences: the pattern or weave, and the profile.

The pattern is where the majority of the difference is found between chain styles.  This also determines the profile, or how much the chain sticks off of you.  I like low profile; I think it looks better when a chain lays on you more flat.

I hope this gives you a little insight into mens chains.  Whether you choose a Cuban link chain or something less awesome, you can’t go wrong with a good chain- I don’t care who you are.